2016 Winter: Hello Kitty Collection 

Hello Kitty Collection


Release Date: 1/3/2016

All swatches have 3 coats unless stated.  These are very cute happy colors… Lots of pinks!!!… A very Hello Kitty collection…. Enjoy!

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Kitty White

This is a white shimmer glitter color, application was seamless and would make a great color alone or as a topper with one coat to add shimmer. I personally love this… I was hoping it wouldn’t have a silver color or gold and it doesn’t!


Charmmy & Sugar

This is can be a topper or single. This is a clear base with pink iridescent glitters then small circle glitter, its a cute happy color. I think it would look best as a topper though.


Spoken From The Heart 

This is a pinky-coral color. I’m so in love with this color. There was no application issues at all. It is also a creme – no shimmer. It is more in the pink family than true coral.

Let’s Be Friends! 

This is a creme – no shimmer. Light light light pink, almost barely pink. Application was a little streaky but with 3 coats there is nothing that was noticeable.


Starry-Eyed For Dear Daniel 

This is a pink gel base with a load of fine pink glitter throughout… It does need a couple coats as you see if you want it to be a single color. I think it would be great as a topper over other pinks.


My Pal Joey

This is a vibrant jelly creme application was easy too. its very bright and pretty! I think all nails in this might be a little much though.


5 Apples Tall 

The only red in the group! Its a lighter brighter red than most. Anyways typical red… No application issues either. This is also a creme, no shimmer.


My Twin Mimmy

This is a banana yellow!! Application was a little streaky to begin with but evened out. It’s a hot hot yellow!This is also a creme, no shimmer.


Small + Cute = ❤️

So I just love this name! It’s a very pretty like baby girl pink. I love it. It does need at least two coats but three would be best. No Application issues. This is also a creme, no shimmer.


Look At My Bow

This is a great solid pink color. I would say this is a medium pink color creme. Went on smooth, does need three coats… Two left it a little streaky in parts.


Super Cute In Pink 

Here is another pink! I told you lots of pinks!!! This is the dark pink of the collection – also a creme no shimmer, no application issues either.


Never Have Too Mani Friends! 

YAY! A soild black creme color with no shimmer. Application was beautiful! Finally something to replace the horrible black onyx!




31 thoughts on “2016 Winter: Hello Kitty Collection 

  1. Hi, Always read your blogs on gelcolor collections. It helps me decide on what colours to go for rather than buying a full collections & being disappointed with how similar they can be to previous gelcolors.
    I have quick question, the blue, is it darker than the actual lacquer? The official OPI picture on their FB page looks a lot light more a Pastel then a bright? It’s not released in the UK yet so hard to see it for real.
    Many thanks


    1. Hello! I don’t have the regular polish but the blue is definitely a bright blue not pastel. If your looking for pastel id search for pastel in the search bar. But this one is similar to my car has navy-gation


  2. My bottle of My Pal Joey Gelcolor blue looks nothing like you’re swatch the color you have I like better mine is more on the pastel side its definitely a creme .


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