Manicure Monday: Juice Bar Hopping & My Twin Mimmy

Yay! Sun!!!

So Happy for Summer!!! I love this manicure!! A friend found a similar picture on Pintrest and asked if I could try to redo it.. so I tried! We used Juice Bar Hopping (Neon Brights) with some white undies – I used 3 coats to get a good coverage. It reminds me of a squishy, jelly color. We did then use a mermaid gold pigment to give it that gold color!  Then I used both Juice Bar Hopping and My Twin Mimmy (Hello Kitty) with some nail art brushes from WhatsUp Nails to paint the sun on the nail.

This just reminds me of summer so much! Ah… where’s my beach and my drink with an umbrella!

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