Manicure Monday: Apartment For Two, Chiffon My Mind and Can’t Have Too Mani Friends!


So I did this manicure because I saw one similar on Pintrest and I just happened to have the SAME water decal they used… So I decided to try it out…

I used Apartment For Two (Tiffany) on my index and pinkey it only took two coats for full coverage (I seriously love this pink), for my middle and the white of the ring finger I used Chiffon My Mind (Soft Shades) and the black stripes are Can’t Have Too Mani Friends! (Hello Kitty). For the stripes I used nail vinyls per usual for me 🙂 The water decal flowers xan be tricky, you need to cut it to size then use a small bowl of water and put your decal in the water to sit (these works just like temporary tattoos), after you have your color on that nail cleanse off the tacky layer.. Then use a tweezers to pick up your decal from the water and slide onto your nail. next use a paper towl to press as much after out of that decal and nail as you can but be careful because you dont want to slide it off either… (told you tricky!)… then let that dry do the rest of your manicure and even your other hand where ever you have decals those should be the last nails you top coat. You’ll want to double top coat it (at least) and dont be surprised if that finger doesnt last as long… I also used and Matte top coat on the pink nails.

These turned out amazing this so far as been my favorite!

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