Hello Kitty Winter/Holiday 2019

Hello Kitty Holiday 2019 Release: October 2019 These don’t scream holiday to me… anyways formula is pretty good. All are two coats except for the glitter – ring and pinky fingers I did three coats on those. There are a fair amount of ones that look the same too. Hello Pretty  This purple is super … More Hello Kitty Winter/Holiday 2019


Living on the bula-vard! I’m on a sushi roll

Hi Guys! Look at how awesome this manicure is! so bright!! I’m On A Sushi Roll (Tokyo) its a wondering teal color with a hint of shimmer. I used three coats but it applied so well! Living On The Bula-Vard! (Fiji) this is a great organge-y coral i used three coats to get a richer … More Living on the bula-vard! I’m on a sushi roll

Mod About You

Hi Guys, Mod About You (Showstoppers); this is an oldy but a goodie! It’s a pastel pink creme, it for sure needs three coats to get good coverage though. However, it’s totally worth the extra time. Want to purchase? Click Here  

My Wish List Is You

Hi Guys, Love this orange-y red My Wish List Is You (Love OPI, XOXO) !! It’s such a pretty color. Total creme no shimmer. I believe I used three coats just because I wanted a rich color. will be a great holiday colors Want to purchase? Click Here  

V-I-Pink Passes

Hi Guys, Ok, so this was my favorite manicure lately!! It’s the neon pink V-I-Pink Passes with a matte topcoat! Neons with mattes are so cool!! the matte is from The Gel Bottle its seriously the best I’ve found! Want to purchase? Click Here