Manicure Monday: Can’t Hear Myself Pink!, Can’t Have Too Mani Friends & All Sparkly And Gold


Today we have Can’t Hear Myself Pink! (Brights Collection), Can’t Have Too Mani Friends (Hello Kitty Collections) & All Sparkly And Gold (Mariah Carey Holiday Collection). Can’t hear is a beautiful bright pink shimmer application was pretty good, alittle shrinkage on the first coat but then it was gone. Mani Friends – perfect black every time only two coats. Last but not least I used a nail vinyl stencil and All sparkly and gold. I used  a makeup triangle and sponged it on over the stencil, I peeled off the stencil and cleaned up any run off with a silicone brush then cured. It didnt turn out as great as I hoped but its a work in progress. Don’t give up on those nail vinyls either ladies!



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