Music Is My Muse

Hi Guys, This one turned out so cute! This blue is from the Neons collection Music is My Muse – no white base coat and I used three coats. I used some dolphin stencils and some white gel polish then to make it look like there is water splashing I added some shimmery flakes. I … More Music Is My Muse


Nekkid Nails

Hi Guys, So I just about never post my Nekkid nails on here! However, after birthday nails, anniversary nails and then forth of July… they needed a break! The only thing I put on my nails was from The Gel Bottle Rubber Base Coat and the Clear top coat. I can’t believe how far my … More Nekkid Nails

V-I-Pink Passes

Hi Guys,  Couldn’t wait to use this hot pink color!!! I totally LOVE it!! V-I-Pink Passes doesn’t need any undies and looks great!!! I used three coats and the application was smooth and not streaky. Lastly I added a palm vinyl stencil on one finger. I think this is perfect for a vacation! Hopefully these … More V-I-Pink Passes

Im On A Sushi Roll Dreams & On A Silver Platter

Hi Guys, Ahh, two more colors I haven’t used! How exciting! I really love this teal! I’m On a Sushi Roll is this beautiful teal with shimmer it applied really easy and did need at least two coats. On A Silver Platter is the glitter – it’s jam-packed full of glitter but you’ll still need … More Im On A Sushi Roll Dreams & On A Silver Platter