Hidden Prism (Summer 2020

Released June 2020 These colors while pretty and super sparkly are pretty sheer. I did try to make them more opaque. Each finger has a different amount of coats (see below), personally I think 4 or 5 coats look the best the others look sheer to me… These while no dupes in OPI remind me … More Hidden Prism (Summer 2020

Always Bare For You (Soft Shades/Bridal 2019)

Always Bare For YouRelease Date: 3/1/19 Here is the soft shades/Bridal collection! These are insanely sheer!! There are only two coats on the nails which is usually my standard for swatching and they are sheeeeeeerrrrr! So be ready, it does look like it could be buildable but I’m not sure totally. There are only two … More Always Bare For You (Soft Shades/Bridal 2019)