New Collections Coming: (Holiday 2015) & Hello Kitty (January 2016)

Hello Guys!! Some exiciting new collections are coming for Holiday 2015 and in January 2016! I’ll post more information when I get but as of right now this is all I have!

So I have Some information about the upcoming collections!!!

Starlight Holiday 2015

Release date: September 2015


Starlight Swatches

  1. By The Light of the Moon: silvery and sparkly… prepare to swoon (glitter)
  2. Center of the You-niverse: endless space black shimmer
  3. Celess-tial Is More: pink super-glitter with heavenly light (glitter)
  4. Comet Closer: warm, textured gold (pearl)
  5. Cosmo with a Twist: subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple (shimmer)
  6. Give Me Space: night-sky blue with room to sparkle (shimmer)
  7. Guys & Galaxies: this maroon beauty makes my world go ’round
  8. I Drive a SuperNova: lustrous sterling silver (pearl)
  9. I’m in the Moon For Love: plum (shimmer)
  10. Infrared-y to Glow: glam red confetti and glitter (glitter)
  11. Is This Star Taken? iridescent icicles fly in this smooth gold (glitter)
  12. Let Your Love Shine: shimmery, red splendor! (shimmer)
  13. Love is in my Cards: warm, romantic red
  14. No More Mr. Night Sky:assertive, dark, shimmery grey (shimmer)
  15. Press * for Silver: warm, rosy silver (pearl)
  16. Ro-man-ce on the Moon: lustrous, rich red (shimmer)
  17. Super Star Status: sparkling silver and gold (glitter)
  18. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite: rosy, golden confetti

There will be 3 Colors In Orbit Kits also if you want to get all the colors, Plus there will be a Touch of Stardust Kit (Top, Base, Swarovski Crystal Decal Sheet), Stellar Sensations (Guys & Galaxies and Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite plus Swaroski Decal Set). When I actually get better pictures I will post them here and update the post too.

Hello Kitty <— Click here to view the posting and Review!!!

Release date: January 1, 2016

These arent the best photos but they are the best i could find for right now… These look super cute and the bottle top covers have little hello kitty heads on them! Really cute!! If i get anymore information I”ll post it!

Hello Kitty 2016 Collection


Add-On Kit #1 – Pretty in Pinks

GC H80 GelColor – Kitty White
GC H81 GelColor – Charmmy & Sugar
GC H82 GelColor – Let’s Be Friends!
GC H83 GelColor – Look at My Bow!
GC H84 GelColor – Small + Cute = ♥
GC H85 GelColor – Spoken from the Heart


Add-On Kit #2 – Classic Kitty
GC H86 GelColor – Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
GC H87 GelColor – Super Cute in Pink
GC H88 GelColor – My Twin Mimmy
GC H89 GelColor – 5 Apples Tall
GC H90 GelColor – My Pal Joey
GC H91 GelColor – Never Have Too Many Friends!


Hello Kitty Duo Pack With FREE Nail Charms

Deal Contains:
Small + Cute = ♥
Super Cute in Pink
1 – Hello Kitty Nail Charms


Hello Kitty Trio Pack With FREE Nail Art Tool

Deal Contains:
3 – GelColors 15 mL – 0.5 Fl. Oz.
5 Apples Tall
My Pal Joey
Never Have Too Many Friends!
1 – Nail Art Tool


Limited Collectors’ Edition Hat Box Display

Kitty White
Charmmy & Sugar
Let’s Be Friends!
Look at My Bow!
Small + Cute = ♥
Spoken From the Heart
Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
Super Cute in Pink
My Twin Mimmy
5 Apples Tall
My Pal Joey
Never Have Too Mani Friends!
1 – Hat box display
1 – Color palette with chain and label
1 – GelColor Instructions



Thanks everyone! As soon as i actually have any more information ill post it. Feel Free to post questions.

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