Brights Collection


Released: Summer 2015

Here are the colors in The Brights Collection Discontinued:

All have 3 coats, no application issues unless stated

I Can’t Hear Myself Pink

This is a pink shimmer, love this its so pretty!!  

I Sea You Wear OPI
This is a blue shimmer polish… think of a sparking ocean blue. 

I Stop For Red

This is a red creme with some orange depending on the light.  

My Car Has Navy-gation

This is a ble creme with some purple underones. It has a jelly/squishy look to it also.  

The Berry Thought Of You

This is a berry pink creme color.  

On Pinks & Needles

this is a clear base loaded with pink hexagon glitter in sizes from tiny to large.   

Hotter Than You Pink – Duplicate From Neons 2014

This one also is a jelly type polish but in pink with pink shimmer!! Whoohoo! Get summer rockin with this color! 

Down To The Core-al – Duplicate From Neons 2014

This is a bright coral polish with pink iridscence… Another favorite!!  

Life Gave Me Lemons – Duplicate From Neons 2014
This is supposed to be the neon yellow… to me it looks like a green/yellow color. To Purchase Please visit: Purchase OPI Products – Use Us as a Referral!

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