Manicure Monday: Chiffon My Mind, Gelato On My Mind, The Berry Thought Of You, Centennial Celebration

Happy Monday!

So this manicure was a pain in my butt! It turned out great but holy man!

So anyways I’ve used Gelato On My Mind (Venice collection) for one diamond and on my thumb and pinky. I’ve used this a lot recently application is great, 3 coats and  who doesn’t love that beautiful color!

For the middle finger and the lines across the diamonds I used Centennial Celebration (Coca Cola 100th Anniversary cola). I used 3 coats but easily could have used two. Great formula and easy application. It’s a very pretty gold/silver glitter color.

I used Chiffon My Mind (Soft Shades Collection)on my index and ring finger, 3 coats. This is a cream white with shimmer of pinks and blues. This needs at least 3 coats. It applies with no issues also.

The final color I used for the second diamond is The Berry Thought Of You (Brights Collection 2015). Very pretty pink purple color application was flawless no issues. I did use 3 coats with a nail art brush.

To get the triangles I used straight line nail vinyls and cut them smaller to make a triangle. This was not easy! I like the final product but man it took forever!

Well have a wonderful week!!!

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