Manicure Monday: No Room For The Blues & Which is Witch? 

Hi there!!

I have a blue manicure for you today… No Room For The Blues (Brights Collection) with some glitter… Which Is Witch? (Oz Collection)… Must have glitter… always right?

So I prefer 3 coats of color to give it that rich perfect color… This one is opaque in 2 .. so you could go either way with. There aren’t any issues that I’ve noticed…

The glitter is from my very first OPI Gelcolor Kit… Oz… thats what started this whole mess… lol and has taken all my money… hahah anyways Which Is Witch? Has circle holo, holo sparkle and holo hairy glitter… it’s holo packed. This was two thin coats. I love it because the holo pay off is awesome!

This is a fun blue color i think i have pants this color! hehehe

Click here to purchase

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