Venice Collection

Released: Fall/Winter 2015

Here are the colors in The Venice Collection:

All have 3 coats, no application issues unless stated.

Be There In A Prosecco

This is a creamy beige creme. Love this so much it’s just a great color! 

A Great Opera-tunity

This is a mellow melon creme shade. It seems to have a hint of shimmer in it too… its really hard to see though.    

Tiramisu For Two

This is a pinky/beige/tan creme. Another great neutral color.  

Purple Palazzo Pants

Oh I love this… and the name… hehe… Its a perfect lilac color! 

Gelato On My Mind

Another one of my loves from this collection… Its a perfect pale minty blue! Almost a ming blue color.  

I Cannoli Wear OPI

This is a grey white creme color its really pretty I think this would even work for french tips! I might have to try that this week!  

Worth A Pretty Penne

This is a rose/silver/copper tinted shimmer perfect mix!  

It’s A Piazza Cake

This is a persimmon color creme. It’s a hard color to describe almost terracotta.  

Gimme A Lido Kiss

This is a red jelly like polish with shimmer! Woohoo shimmer!

Amore At The Grand Canal

This is a red creme with some blue tones in it to cool it down.  

O Suzi Mio

Whoa… Blackened purple it is! This is a deep eggplant color. This is defiantly a creme no shimmer.  

My Gondola Or Yours?

Oh man… So this is a smooth smokey black… but really its a black with a slight hint of shimmer. It could replace your Black Onyx when you cant handle fighting with it. 

Venice The Party? Discontinued

This is a bright sky blue shimmer… WOW I can’t wait to wear this one… I think it would work for a fish manicure too.   

Barpque…But Still Shopping? Discontinued

This is a gold/silver shimmer base with these beautiful gold glitter in various sizes of square and hexagon shapes.   

St. Mark’s The Spot Discontinued

This is y favorite color of this collection… I about died when i saw it on my swatch! It’s a royal blue shimmer that’s so rich. Every coat makes it more and more rich!   

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