Manicure Monday! Alpine Snow, My Gondola Or Yours?, Super Star Status, Wooden Shoe Like To Know?, Christmas Gone Plaid, & Can’t Afjord Not To

Happy Monday!!!

We have alittle pumpkin today!!! Since its almost halloween I decided to do a a pumpkin… For some reason this manicure reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas but im not sure why… Anyways on to the colors….

The three black nails are My Gondola Or Yours? (Venice). Applys perfectly and is opaque in two coats, it does have a very faint shimmer also. I like this better thank Black Onyx.

Index Finger: Super Star Status (Starlight). It applies REALLY well, I used 3 coats to get this color, its silver with silver circle glitter also.

On my ring finger: Alpine Snow (The Beautifuls) and My Gondola Or Yours? (Venice) stripped using straight line nail vinyls. I painted the Alpine snow first (3 coats), then wipped off the tacky layer and applied the vinyls pressed down well and I used a new technique this time… I used a small dotting tool to fill in the lines! It worked SO GOOD! I always cure for about 6 seconds then take the vinyls off clean any that may have leaked under it then full cure it. Then fill in the darker color again with the dotting tool and cure – repeat as needed.  The Pumpkin is Can’t Afjord Not To (Nordic) – I used a dotting tool for it. I used Wooden Shoes Like To Know? (The Impressionists) as the stem and lines on the pumpkin (they are hard to see) and finally for the leaf I used Christmas Gone Plaid (Gwen Stefani Holiday).

I really liked how this turned out this time. It wasnt overly crazy to do either. I think its great for October nails 🙂


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