The Coca-Cola Collection

Released: Summer 2014

Here are the colors in The Coca-Cola Collection:

All have 3 coats, no application issues unless stated.

A Grape Affair Discontinued

This is a dark purple creme color. It was inspired by Fanta Grape. It could be considered a vampy color but you can tell its a purple.

Coca-Cola Red

This is the classic Coca-Cola Red. This is a red creme. 

Get Cherried Away Discontinued

This is a purple/magenta color inspired by Cherry Coke. It is significantly different from the regular polish color.  

Green On The Runway Discontinued

This is a green to red/brown duo-chrome polish inspired by sprite. This is such a totally pretty color its really easy to work with too! 

My Signature Is “DC” (AKA Turn On The Haute Light – UK Version) Discontinued

This is a silver foil/shimmer inspired by Diet Coke.  

Orange You Fantastic! (Glitter) (AKA Orange You Stylish – Creme – UK Version) Discontinued

This is multiple sizes and shapes of gold, orange, and red glitter in a orange base. This was inspired by Orange Fanta.  

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today Discontinued

This is inspired by Vanilla Coke, it is a light peachy pink creme. My Favorite of the group!  

Today I Accomplished Zero Discontinued

This is a black gel base with pink/red glitter. Inspired by Coke Zero.   

You’re So Vain-illa Discontinued

This is a beige creme color inspired by Vanilla Coke. Its a good neutral somewhat plan though.  

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