New Orleans Collection 


Well I got the new spring/ summer 2916 colors! I love them!!! So the majority of these are cremes only a few have shimmer but these are great colors. The application of these is wonderful most could have been two coaters but I prefer 3 coats to get a rich color.

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Release date: 2/4/16

Application: 3 coats, no application issues

New Orleans (Spring/Summer 2016):

Let My Bayou A Drink

This is a beautiful baby pink with a bit of shimmer. This is different than Pedal Faster Suzi which has larger silver shimmer. This is very fine and does need 3 coats, it is still not very opaque. It is buildable however.


I really like this color! It reminds me of Gouda Gouda Two Shoes which was never made in gel sadly. This is a nude base with hints of gold and tan shimmer. It’s really beautiful and a great color or nude nails and you still get some sparkle.


Suzi Nails New Orleans

Man oh man! This is a bright pink creme!  It’s such a fun summer color I thought it would be similar to Sorry I’m Fizzy today but this is much brighter and vibrant pink! Can’t wait to use it.


I Manicure For Beads

A true deep royal purple creme. There really isn’t another purple like this in Gelcolor. The application was great no shrinking! This could also be a 2 coater.


Spare Me A French Quarter?

Anyone looking for a pretty magenta? This is like a darker Berry Thought Of You. But it’s also a creme could be a 2 coater. No shrinkage either.


She’s A Bad Muffuletta!

This one is a hard one to describe and the picture doesn’t do it justice! It’s a red, orange, coral color it’s really beautiful. This is a creme without shimmer.It is similar to Cajun Shrimp, My Chihuahua Bites and OPI On Collins Ave, but this one does have more pink undertons rather than orange/red. If you have those you probably could skip this one…


Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya

This is pretty darn close to Sorry I’m Fizzy Today. Maybe a hair lighter but if you have that you won’t need this one. It’s application is great. It’s also a creme too no shimmer.

Crawfishin’ For A Compliment

This color is so cute! And I adore the name! It’s darker than Is Mai Tai Crooked?, it’s a creme and applies like a dream! The color is brighter than in the photo I couldn’t get it to photograph correctly, but trust me it’s a beautiful orangey coral color.


Take A Right On Bourbon

So I thought this was identical to This Silver’s Mine!, but it’s actually not. It’s definitely darker, can show brush strokes but gets better with a top coat. It’s a silver shimmer with what seems to be a pink/silver undertone. It’s really a pretty color application was easy and could be a two coater! I’d say try it out!


I’m Sooo Swamped!

So I don’t know how I feel about  this color. It’s a creme Kelly green… To me it’s just blah maybe I’ll use it for some nail art or something. The application was easy at least.


Rich Girls & Po-Boys

We have a vibrant blue creme! It’s like a darker version of No Room For The Blues. It’s application was flawless in 2 coats, I’m not a huge blue wearer but I would wear it for art or accent nails.

Okay so I had to reswatch this because this color causes as much controversy as the blue and black dress lol any quad I added more pictures…. In person it’s more of a creamy blue it’s hard to explain its a pretty blue though.


 Show Us Your Tips!

Okay so remember You’re Such A Budapest?? Well this color is similar to that but darker and has iridescent shimmer in it! I love this periwinkle color. Application was fine but it’s definitely a color that needs to be built up its pretty sheer to start so don’t worry but this one does take 3 coats.


I wanted to also post these colors in natural light no flash. They are on swatch sticks. The second photo is with flash in natural light.

No flash natural light:  
With flash natural light:

20 thoughts on “New Orleans Collection 

  1. I LOVE how you listed colors that these swatches are extremely close to. It really saves me from having 20 of the same color just slightly different shade.


  2. Thank you for the swatches. It is so helpful to see them before I buy stuff. If you have time could you tell me if french quarter is similar to ‘thank glogg its friday’ ?? I keep buying polishes that are almost the same as it so I dont want any more😊. Thanks so much I really appreciate your blog.


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