Manicure Monday: Taupe-Less Beach, Keeping Suzi At Bay & My Signature Is “DC” 


Yes, it’s fall… let’s bring some waarmer colors out… These are all oldies but goodies. 🙂

Taupe-less Beach (Brazil) is a perfect well… taupe! I used 3 coats on these nails. To paint the blue I used a nail vinyl to get the straight line; I used Keeping Suzi at Bay (Bohemians) I used 3 coats, the first one can be very streaky but it turns out to be an oceany blue. The silver strip is My Signature is “DC” (Coca-Cola), using a nail art brush just paint on the line. This is a great fall manicure I like the neutrals with the brighter blue lets there be a pop of color.

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