Neon Brights Collection

Released: Summer 2014

Here are the colors in The Neon Brights Collection:

All have 3 coats, no application issues unless stated. All of these benifit from  some white undies! These swatches do NOT have white undies, they were applied to opaque nails.

Life Gave Me Lemons Discontinued

This is supposed to be the neon yellow… to me it looks like a green/yellow color.


You Are So Outta Lime! Discontinued

This is a SUPER bright green color! Grab your sunglasses! 

Juice Bar Hopping Discontinued

This is a bright orange jelly creme. It’s great and it looks so squishy! 

Push & Pur-Pull Discontinued

This is another jelly type polish, but this time its in purple! 

Down To The Core-al Discontinued

This is a bright coral polish with pink iridscence… Another favorite!!  

Hotter Than You Pink

This one also is a jelly type polish but in pink with pink shimmer!! Whoohoo! Get summer rockin with this color! 

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