Manicure Monday: I’m Gown For Anything, My Signature Is “DC” and Stop It I’m Blushing!

Hello Lovelies!

So today we have a springy manicure!! We have I’m Gown For Anything (Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection). This was two coats and it applies like a dream!!! I love this lilac-y color. I used some straight nail vinyls (From TwinkledT) and used Stop I’m Blushing! (Soft Shades 2016 Collection), I used two coats to get this coverage.For the sliver strip I used My Signature Is “DC” (Coke-a-cola Collection). I used a thin nail art brush to apply is along the edge of the pink color.

This manicure turned out amazingly well… I plan to try this with other colors too!

To use the nail vinyl I applied my base coat and cleansed off the tacky layer applied my nail vinyl with a tweezers and pushed it down well. I painted the pink color first coat then cured about 5 seconds in LED then took the hand out and used tweezers to pull off the nail vinyl and do any clean up if it leaked under then full cure. Apply any extra coats carfully or if they are smaller use a dotting tool to fill in.


Want to purchase these? Click here!

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