The Impressionists Collection

Some of the first colors that came out around 2012

Sadly I do not have exact dates these came out. Here are the colors in The Impressionists Collection:

Did You Ear About Van Gogh?

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

This is a tan/muddy nude color. It’s a creme and kind of blah to me. It’s a great neutral if you can do many colors this would work and it is classy.


Wooden Shoe Like To Know?

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a beauty! Its a rich chocolate brown with flecks of gold shimmer in it. Its very pretty and pictures just don’t do it justice.


Thanks A Windmillion

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

A creme medium to darker teal, I wish this one was brighter…


I Have A Herring Problem

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a favorite and one of the first which sparked my interest in OPI Gelcolor! Its a grey/blue creme base with gold and silver fleck of shimmer. It’s just so pretty!


Pedal Faster Suzi! Discontinued

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

This is a pink base with silver and pink shimmer. Its pretty thin so it can work as a topper for you can build it up to be opaque. I’ve worn it both ways so it does work.



3 Coats (could have done two), No Application Issues.

This is a dark purple almost black in color base with purple shimmer. You only see the shimmer when the light hits it just right otherwise it looks like a dark nail polish color instead. Great Fall/Winter Color.


Black Cherry Chutney 

3 Coats, No application Issues.

This is a another dark purple, it’s really pretty vampy color.


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