The Sirens Collection

Some of the first colors that came out around 2012/2013

Sadly I do not have exact dates these came out. Here are the colors in The Sirens Collection:

Big Apple Red

3 Coats, No application Issues.

This is that perfect red OPI has so many of them. It applies perfectly too!

 Bogota Blackberry

3 coats, No Application Issues.

This is a very pretty burgundy/red with red shimmer.

Malaga Wine

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

This is a creme burgundy, easy to apply and great fall color!

Bastille My Heart Discontinued

3 coats, no application issues.

Another burgundy, but this one has a very faint shimmer. I took a bunch of pictures and this was the best one…

A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find

3 Coats, no application issues

This is a super pretty bright orange creme. No shimmers.

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!

3 Coats, this one is streaky no matter how careful you are putting it on…

This is a pearlized nude color. It’s a pretty neutral color. I wish it wasn’t so streaky.

To Purchase Please visit: Click here to purchase!

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