The Classic Collection

 Some of the first colors that came out around 2011/2012

Sadly I do not have exact dates these came out. Here are the colors in The Classic Collection:

Chick Flick Cherry

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a burgandy Creme color, very pretty fall color.

My Chihuahua Bites

3 Coats, No Application Issues.

Another Favorite of mine!! Perfect creme coral!! I Love this and who doesnt love the name!!


Romeo & Joliet Discontinued

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This is a burgandy shimmer polish, its one ive never worn and its soo pretty! I might have to pull this out for Fall now!


Black Cherry Chutney

3 Coats, Some shrinkage – not much to worry about just be prepared for the first coat to be alittle shrinker…

This is a black/burgandy creme color. Its kind of Blah for me, perhaps I’d stamp over it with a gold?


Cozu-melted In The Sun

3 Coats, OMG major Shrinkage issues!!!

As pretty as this color is…. its not worth the work for me… It takes awhile to apply due to the shrinkage. Its still so pretty that if you want to go through with this color be prepared to work for it.


Yodel Me On My Cell Discontinued

3 Coats, No Application Issues

This blue is SOO pretty and sparkely!!! Who doesnt love sparkles! Id say this is a bright blue color too.


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