2021 Spring: Hollywood

Hollywood – Spring 2021 

These are really pretty colors, all of them except one are cream with no glitter or shimmer. For me, these are a little lackluster for being Hollywood inspired but some I really liked. All of the below colors have 2 coats of polish.

Suzi Calls The Paprazzi
This is a super pretty pinky rose color. It went on really smoothly. If you have missed previous rose colors id say snag this one for sure. The formula was great too. 

Emmy, Have You Seen Oscar?
While this is a pretty red – has some orange in it… It’s another red… if you have pretty much any other red.. skip this one. Unless you really love reds then snag it. 

I’m an Extra
Love this color! Its super similar to Gin and Tectonic so if you have that skip this one. I loved the formula though and the ease of application. 

15 Minutes of Flame
This is a firey color! Its shimmer and bright pinky-red! Really like how this looks on the nail.

I’m Really An Actress
And who doesn’t love a follow up to I’m Not Really A Waitress… Thi sis a Red with shimmer and glitter – It applies wonderfully and looks great on. This is for sure a go out and get this color. 

Movie Buff
I’m a total sucker for these colors – it’s a peachy buff-pink color which I love… Really into Neutral lately spiced with some glitter… This reminds me of what Don’t Bossa Nova Me was supposed to be… let’s hope this one doesn’t fade to a weird gray pink color. 

Hollywood & Vine
This one is a pretty chalky pink color – there are many others similar just look below for the comparisons. If you are annoyed with how the older colors go on but like this color take a jump for this one. It applied great and no streaking. 

Award For Best Nails Goes To…
This is probably my least favorite…. The application was meh… it’s pretty streaky and not great coverage I think this one will always be a 3 to 4 coater to get the dark blue color. These nails have 2 coats on them – they look uneven at this point. The swatch stick had 3 coats. 

Bee-Hind The Scenes
Another yellow – this is a really pretty yellow but so many people just cant or don’t want to wear yellows… I get it. It’s like a bright pastel yellow. The APplication was great no streaking. 

Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?
This is a pretty color it’s like blue-violet. It seems unique among the whole Gelcolor world. The application was again very easy and this one could benefit from 3 coats. 

Destined To Be A Legend
I really like this one too… It’s like this cool gray-blue color – not streaky or sheer. 

Rated Pea-G
Ahh, the green… I have to be honest I don’t wear many greens so they arent my favorite. This one would be a great Christmas green – maybe with some gold? It applied great so no complaints. 

Comparisons – If you would like to see specific colors please leave a comment and I can compare them: 


8 thoughts on “2021 Spring: Hollywood

  1. Really appreciate how you compare similar colours and not just dupes. It makes it a lot easier to decide whether I might like a colour based on colours I already own. Thank you! XXX


    1. Sadly my bossa Nova faded so bad its gray now! 😢 I can compare them but they wouldn’t be similar. I’d say movie buff is really similar maybe alittlw more buff than the pink tone Nova had.


  2. As always, a great job showing us the newest colors. I always check your site before buying and I really pay attention to your opinions on application, sheerness, etc.. I especially like the comparisons with other colors; it really makes clear the differences and similarities between different collections.


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