2020 Winter: High Definition Glitter Kit

Released: October 2020


These are amazing glitters! I used 3 coats because I like good coverage, application was super easy with the exception of one. I really am impressed with these glitters! Im actually keeping ALL of them!

Please check out the link in the menu bar for link to purchase polishes.

The pictures don’t do this justice make sure to check out the video at the bottom of the page.

High Definition Glitter Kit

Twilight Tones

This is a awesome black and silver glitter in a clear base. I used three coats so its for sure buildable. Perfect for Halloween 🎃

Depth Leopard

Omg this color!! Im loving this gold brown autumn color. It applies soooo well I used three coats to get a thick coverage its so sparkly! Im thrilled they came out with this color!

Reserve Comets for Later

Oh my purple glitter heavn! This is a purple pearl base but its PACKED full of purple and holo glitter. Used three coats again and this applied sooo awesomely! Love purple 💜

Multi-Dimensional Diva

Whoa this one is pink, blue, purple and holo glitter in a clear base. This one is oh so sparkly buuut this is the tricky one as it does go on pretty sparse compared to the others. I used three coats its so pretty though!

Optical Nailusion

So this is a white with white and holo glitter, so pretty easy as pie application too! It is similar to some older ones so you could maybe pass or get it for when the old one finally comes to the end of its life.

Halo There!

This is my absolute favorite! I love it!!! They’ve made holo glitter in the past but finally got it 100% right! 2 coats and you basically have full coverage i have 3 coats on right now. It’s amazing under the light too! The sparkle OMG seriously BUY IT



Glitters in motion! 😍


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