Malibu (Summer 2021)

Malibu Summer 2021

These aren’t really what I was expecting for Malibu colors… I would have thought alot more bright colors but anyways. These formulas are awesome like 2 coat coverage easy – three if you want a deeper richer color. Sadly, lots of dupes from previous colors… OPI are you running out of color ideas?? 


From Dusk till Dune
This color is so pretty it has this wonderful shimmer in it. Its really similar to another color but just with shimmer















Coastal Sand-tuary
This is a really pretty color it is pretty similar to another color – see below. Its such a pretty neutral though













Mali-blue Shores
This is really pretty cream went on great but another dupe. 

Mali-blue Shoes















Cliffside Karaoke
Great rich Chocolate brown cream 













Endless Sun-ner
Again a great formula but its so similar to another color from the Milan collection















The Sound of Vibrance
This is pretty but a total dupe

The Sound of Vibrance















El Mat-adoring You
This is a pretty great nude for nude nails, great for when you want a break from the bright colors














Pear-adise Cove
This is a bright pear green! Apparently it’s similar to one of the Shrek colors that never came in gel. I think it would look great on tan or darker skin – I wasn’t a huge fan of it on my pale skin. 

Pear-adise Cove















Strawberry Waves Forever
Ok this is my Favorite color. I love this the base color and the glitter its perfect. Seriously get this color.  

Strawberry Waves















PCH Love Song
Ok second favorite! I’m not usually a huge orange fan but this is pretty awesome. Orange base with this awesome orange shimmer. 

PCH Love Song

















Marigolden Hour
This one is another dupe… Pretty but a dupe

Marigolden Hour















Bonfire Serenade
This is a pretty brown but there are other similar browns below






















































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  1. Hi there!!!! I love your blog. Always follow for the latest nail polish swatches. Do you happen to know OPIs fall location?

    1. im actually getting ready to post the Swatches now. For some reason I never received this comment!

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