2018 Summer: Grease


We have the summer collection here!!! Too bad by me its snowing today…. Ugh… anyways these are pretty bright colors. There are some colors that pretty similar (those are at the bottom).

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Grease (Summer 2018)


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes
This is a creamy white color, no shimmer, 2 coat application I like to call this kind of white a dirty white.

Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be
Another yellow, its a great pale yellow, 2 coats, creme. This is alittle similar to some of the other pastel yellows.

Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast!
Wowzers this is a BRIGHT orange! This is 2 coats, creme style I would think this would be perfect for Halloween manicures! It takes place of some of the retired oranges (not sure why there are so many it’s not a popular color)

Was It All Just A Dream?
I love this… it’s a beauitful pale tiffany blue, 2 coats, creme style. There are comparisons below.

Teal Me More, Teal Me More
A true teal!!! I love it!! This is litterally the perfect teal color. 2 coats, creme

Chills Are Multiplying!
This is really pretty but it takes at least 3 coats and probably could go with 4. Its got this really pretty shimmer in a blue jelly base.

Frenchie Likes To Kiss?
I love this one!! It’s a pastel lilac base with shimmer! 2 coats, creme with shimmer

Pink Ladies Rule The School
Super cute pink 2 coats, creme

Hopelessly Devoted To OPI
A peachy pink 2 coats, creme

You’re The Shade That I Want
This pink totally reminded my of Madam President but it’s alittle lighter, 2 coats, creme

Tell Me About It Stud
A Classic Red – This is more of a jelly Red

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!
Probably my favorite of the whole group – It’s a awesome gunmetal color with so much glitter!!




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