Manicure Monday: Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast, Tinker, Thinker, Winker? & Dazzling Dew Drop

Hi Guys,

Well here’s a rare sight! You see BOTH my hands lol (I do have two lol). I also chopped all my nails off they were breaking and yard work just KILLED them so eh going to start over! Anyways, since Halloween is today I needed to post at least one really Halloween-y Nails. I used WhatsUpNails Stamping Plate A012, it worked perfect and then just some black stamping polish (I really need to get some better ones). The orange is Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast (Grease), so this cream is a bright Halloween orange I did need to use three coats to get a good color – otherwise, it was streaky in spots. Next, I used a base of Tinker, Thinker, Winker? (Nutcracker) – TWO COATS!!! That’s it two coats for this glitter amazing! I used some vinyls’ to get the strips and lastly used Dazzling Dew Drop (Nutcracker) on the ring finger and for the strips, this again was only two coats. Impressive coverage on the newer colors that’s for sure! I even included alittle pumpkin for good measure 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

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