2020 Summer: Hidden Prism

Released June 2020 These colors while pretty and super sparkly are pretty sheer. I did try to make them more opaque. Each finger has a different amount of coats (see below), personally I think 4 or 5 coats look the best the others look sheer to me… These while no dupes in OPI remind me … More 2020 Summer: Hidden Prism

2019 Summer: Neons

Neons OOoooo Man these colors are HOT!!! These colors are making me ready for summer! I cannot wait! I actually HAD to put the pink on my toes right away! Well, let’s get going to the colors!! Release: 6/1/19 PUMP Up The Volume This neon yellow is like a highlighter yellow it’s so bright in … More 2019 Summer: Neons

Manicure Monday: Suzi Chases Portu-Geese & Life Gave Me Lemons

Oh man, grab your sunglasses!! I have a bright manicure with an old color – Life Gave Me Lemons (Neons) is a neon yellow/green color this needs a white base then, at least three coats of color. The white is a base of Suzi Chases Portu-geese (Lisbon), I used a loose white glitter over the … More Manicure Monday: Suzi Chases Portu-Geese & Life Gave Me Lemons

2018 Summer: Grease

Hello!!!!! We have the summer collection here!!! Too bad by me its snowing today…. Ugh… anyways these are pretty bright colors. There are some colors that pretty similar (those are at the bottom). Want to purchase? Click Here Grease (Summer 2018)   Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes This is a creamy white color, no shimmer, … More 2018 Summer: Grease