Retro Collection 2016



Here are the Retro Collection you’ve been waiting for!! Retro Collection is available now! All in all this color is a lot of fun colors and only one dupe that I could find. If someone finds one let me know.

The Colors are listed below. All are three coats of color.

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This is one BRIGHT coral color! I love it!! I think this might be brighter with some white undies but this is with out. I still like it and I bet it looks awesome with a tan. This is also a creme color. I didn’t see any dupes either.

I’m Getting A Tan-Gerine

This is a bright pastel orange, this is also a creme and there isn’t any dupes that I saw in OPI’s that are available.

Towel Me About It

This is a bright banana yellow. It is similar to One Chic Chick, but not identical. I think one could just buy one or the other and be happy. This is also a creme shade.


Flip Flops & Crop Tops

This ia bright Barbie pink creme color. I didn’t notice any dupes. This color applies awesome too!!! I think I could have gotten away with two coats of color.

What’s The Double Scoop?

This is an almost dusty pink creme color. It’s like a dirty Bubble gum color. There are also no dupes for this one either!


Sailing & Nail-ing

This is a cute brighy blue sky blue creme BUT this is a dupe for Can’t Find My Czechbook… So if you have that you don’t need this one. However, if you don’t have that you should go buy this color.


Here is the swatch all lined up!

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