Manicure Monday: Put It In Neutral & My Voice Is Alittle Norse

Hello my loves!

This is my favorite manicure so far!

I used Put It In Neutral (Soft Shades 2015), this is three coats and it is still sheer so be prepared for that but it’s a great neutral nail color. This color goes on really smooth just make sure you shake it up sometimes the pigment can settle. As for the glitter I used My Voice Is Alittle Norse (Nordic), I used a makeup sponge again and just dabbed it on… I would suggest using some type of barrier I use Bliss Latex Barrier (but any will work) then if you get the polish/glitter on the skin it goes onto the barrier and not your skin!

I love how simple this manicure turned out… 🙂

Hope you enjoy it!

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