Manciure Monday: I’m Gown For Anything, Unfrost My Heart, What’s The Double Scoop?


Today we have colors from a few collections! First the purple is I’m Gown For Anything (Alice), Application was good it was opaque in 2 coats which is nice. The silver is Unfrost My Heart (Gel Trio #1) easy application I did use 3 coats to get really good coverage! The pink is What’s The Double Scoop? (Retro), this was easy one coat coverage. The nail vinyl stencil I used is from TwinkledT (Click below for a link)

The stencil was alittle tricky to usebut it worked best using a dotting tool to fill in then flash cure remove the stencil (CAREFULLY!) then clean up any leakage then cure.

BTW I used the New Strength Base coat and I’m In Love!!! It’s so worth it, makes your nails feel stronger, application is easy too!

Click here to purchase!

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