Starlight Collection – Holiday 2015


Wow Guys the Starlight Collection… Wowzers… These are pretty awesome… Only a couple of reds (I Know SHOCKING!); however I think OPI has a new favorite color… Silver! or metallics with glitter… I know they aren’t a favorite of alot of people but I think these look pretty cool. This collection had absolutely NO application issues, I did notice they almost all have a smell like nail polish which was fine… Except when swatching all of them… whoa… haha… Anyways Below are all 18 colors they have 3 coats on all – the majority though were opaque in 2 coats! Another crazy thing! This collection is pretty awesome I’m really thrilled with the colors.

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I Drive A Supernova

So This color is a metallic silver, As you can see it almost looks like super fine glitter is in there. During application you can see brush strokes but I could get them to disappear with even application and a topcoat helps also.

Guys & Galaxies

So I have to say im alittle disappointed with with color… it’s just so blah with all these other colors. It’s a creme Purple-ly burgandy, nothing really to write home about… which is sad… Application was easy.

By The Light Of The Moon

******* News has just come to me this color is defective and was recalled by OPI. If you purchased please contact your supplier and see what they want you to do.********

So this color is like I Drive A Supernova but with silver glitter! There are tiny and small hexagon silver glitter in this… I think this is OPI’s new trend thing – metallics and glitters… there are more coming in this collection. This is still a really nice color, it would be good for a accent nail, I think all 5 might be alittle bit much.
Love Is In My Cards

Okay… Prepare yourself… this is only 1 of 3 (I know!!) reds in this collection! Yay! I have so many OPI reds! Anyways, this is a perfect hot bright red creme. Application was like butter and was opaque in 2 coats!

Center Of The You-Niverse

So this is a pretty neat color! Its a black jelly base with silver and black glitter in it… the black glitter you can barely see unless you apply it very thin… Even then its hard to see. You can see alittle bit of it on the close up photo towards where the cuticle would be on a real hand. It’s just so sparkely!!!

I’m In The Moon For Love

This color is a purple with purple, red, blue glitter in the purple base!! 😀 It’s seriously so glittery the camera just doesnt do it justice. Application is wonderful too!!

Comet Closer

This color is a white gold metallic base with gold micro glitter in it. See what i said LOTS OF SPARKLE AND GLITTER! WOOHOO… lol

Let Your Love Shine

So this might have to be my favorite of the group… It’s a beautfiul Ruby Red color with Ruby Red Glitter… This color seriously reminds me of Dorthy’s shoes from The Wizard Of Oz. It’s amazing and will be great for christmas OR valentines day! ❤

Cosmo With A Twist

This is another color that makes me smile… It’s a black jelly base with purple and blue glitter flecks… it looks amazing under lights almost glowing!! I hope everyone loves this color as much as I do… It definetly needs 3 coats though to get the full effect.

Give Me Space

If you love blue this is going to be YOUR color! It’s a blue jelly base with holographic glitter!! WHOOHOO! Who Does want holo glitter!! You will need 3 coats though to get the true application.

No More Mr Night Guy

This is a black base with silver and gunmetal gray color glitter! It’s a beauty and goes on very smooth without issues.

Ro-Man-Ce On The Moon

This is one of the other reds in this collection, its a smooth metallic like bright christmas red color. It will be great for christmas. Can show brush strokes alittle bit though.

Press * For Silver

This is a rose silver type color. This color did give me issues regarding brush stroke lines : / not thrilled with that but the color is pretty awesome anyways.

Ce-Less-Tial Is More

Okay so this one has alot going on… Its a pink-ish base with mini Silver glitter and pink larger circle glitter (and its packed!) and then they added medium hexagon holographic glitter!! Holy man! I don’t know who made this one or if a bunch of glitter just fell together but its pretty amazing!

Is This Star Taken?

So this base is silver even though it looks similar to Comet Closer it’s not 🙂 This also have glitter!!! Small holographic rectangle shaped glitter some is hard to see but I think you can tell it’s there, it is very subtle.

Super Star Status

So this is silve base with small and micro silver circle glitter (I know they look black they are not). Super easy application… Lots of metallics in this collection.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Meteorite

So now we get to the true glitter toppers. It is in a clear base and has small silver circle, medium gunmetal diamonds and some random other pink shapped glitter. (if anyone knows what shape that is let me know!) Sadly you will have to fish to get glitter out… bummer.

Infrared-Y To Glow

This one is also a clear base but has small circle holographic glitter with some more of those wierd shaped glitters in gold and pink. This one you also need to fish for the glitter… ugh…

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