Manicure Monday: Alpine Snow, Road House Blues & You’re So Outta Lime! 

Good Morning!!

Well for me this manicure was a fail… I was not thrilled with how it looked and the hearts didn’t really turn out either… but i figured I should show it anyways… Seee they aren’t always perfect!! ahahha

Anyways…. The base white is Alpine Snow (The Beautifuls) takes 3 coats, its true snow-white. For the hearts I used a nail vinyl (TwinkledT product – it clearly didn’t turn out… I think I’ll try something different next time like making a decal with the stencil on some foil I also don’t think this was a product fail… they are just hard to use). The green is You’re So Outta Lime! (Neons), this was two – three coats of polish. This for sure NEEDS a white base or light color!

Hope your guys enjoyed this one because I sure didn’t! 🙂


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