Summer 2022: The Power of Hue

Released: May 2022

Be bold. Be colorful. Be hue in 12 limited edition nail colors offer a mix of mood-boosting and empowering shimmers that will crank up your volume.

All of these colors go on so easily and are wonderfully opaque in two coats – for a deep rich color do three coats. The formula is pretty nice too I have no complaints about this collection. This is a first in a while… and I’m actually keeping all these colors verse selling some. 
























































Sugar Crush It
Baby pink with silver shimmer.




























Exercise Your Brights
Hot pink! Woot! Hot pink with pink glitter I wore this color first and its beautiful!


























Pink BIG
This is a darker pink with pink/purple shimmer glitter. Definitely another gorgeous color!




























Go To Grape Lengths
This purple is awesome purple base with blue and purple shimmer



























Don’t Wait. Create. 
This lilac lavender is so pretty!! It has a purple and silver like shimmer. 



























Sky True To Yourself
This bright sky blue is gorgeous with blue and silver shimmer




























Feel Bluetiful
This is like a darker sky blue almost like ocean blue and the shimmer in it makes it look like the ocean water when it sparkles. 

























Make Rainbows
This is a bright green with blue-green shimmer 

























Bee Unapologetic
Whoa, this is a bright yellow but not obnoxious bright, it’s perfect with the shimmer. I can’t wait to wear this one this summer!




























The Future Is You
A nude with a very faint shimmer, it’s perfect for a neutral but still gives some glitter.

























Mango For It
Bright orange with gold shimmer! Super Pretty! Two coats only again!




























Sun-Rise Up 
This a light coral color with gold shimmer – still only two coats
































I didn’t get to these yet – I will tomorrow and update the post then. Sorry!

5 thoughts on “Summer 2022: The Power of Hue

  1. Did you find the formula to be kind of globby? It cured absolutely beautiful – but I’m just curious if I got a weird bottle or not


  2. I got Sugar Crush It and I found the formula to be gloppy as well. I think these bright colors have to be a little thicker, otherwise they tend to be patchy or sheer rather than fully opaque. It applied and cured well.


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