OPI x Xbox Collection (Spring 2022)

Honestly, when I first heard about the collaboration, I thought it odd until I read that there were
so many female Gamers. A perfect Spring pallet to usher in a new 2022.

These swatches are all 2 coats, the formula was great for all of these – yes there are some duplicates of old colors (see below) id say swap out your old colors for the new colors the formulas are way better than the old ones. Well, let’s get to the swatches… 

Dark purple cream, no shimmer, it applied very smoothly
Heart and Con-Soul
This is a pretty red-orange color that is packed full of glitter and sparkle! I cant wait to wear this during spring and summer!!
Quest for Quartz
This beige color is beautiful it has this great shimmer in it it’s a perfect nude color

Achievement Unlocked
This is a beautiful lavender purple again has similar previous color,cream also no shimmer

Racing For Pinks
Light and Bright Pink perfect for Spring! This is a cream also no shimmer 

Suzi is My Avatar
This is a great spring coral cream color, there are also similar previous colors

Trading Paint 
Bright orange cream color, again more previous colors which are similar

Sage Simulation
This baby blue has some greenish shimmer undertones I really love this color it’s so pretty

The Pass is Always Greener
This bright green is so pretty it almost is a green yellow cream vs a true green 

Can’t CRTL Me
This is like a periwinkle blue with this silver shimmer – really pretty in person

You had Me at Halo
This purple shimmer is beautiful in person!! You have to see it!

Pixel Dust
This is a pink sheer base with little silver glitter or almost tinsel like – this one will take some layers to get good coverage so be prepared on that


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