Fall 2022: Fall Wonders

Released: July 2022

Stay grounded with these earthy tones for Fall. These colors are pretty earthy to me. I have to say I do notice many duplicates from previous versions (and the older collections aren’t that old to be reusing them already). I will have comparisons as always at the bottom, and of course, I will be listing any I’m not keeping for sale on my eBay page – and I foresee many of these being sold. I do have to say the majority of these are highly pigmented, easily applied, and only need two coats – even though I prefer three. 

On to the swatches!

Brown to Earth 
This is a deep brown, gray color – its a pretty color but it does remind me of How Great is Your Dane

Medi-Take It All In
This is a deep cream purple – reminds me of a grape hit but is slightly lighter

I Mica Be Dreaming
This is a gold/silver glitter – it is packed FULL of shimmer. This is a really pretty color. Part of me was hoping it would be like my favorite Ornament but it’s not… Still pretty though.

Midnight Mantra
This is a deep deep midnight blue – I don’t wear a ton of dark blues like this but it’s really pretty. Who doesn’t love a good Navy? 

Cave the Way 
This reminds me of My Gondola or Yours? Totally being black with a shimmer.. even though this shimmer is a little different it has a blue undertone. 


I thought this was going to be more of a dark dirty rose color but it’s even more brown than that and less rosy. It’s a pretty color but is still more of a meh color to me. 

Rust & Relaxation 
This is a brunt orange color. I’m, not a fan. It’s great for someone just not for me. It applied great I really hope someone loves it. 

Peace of Mined
This is a great gray! It’s almost lavender gray. It applied great I would suggest three coats on this one though.

Ochre the Moon 
ugh… OPI please stop making mustard yellows… just don’t. It looks like the other mustard yellows that have come out and no one likes these… Ok.. maybe someone does like them but we don’t need so many. It applied perfect so no complaints there. 

Red-Veal Your Truth
This is a pretty read, applied really great – But I have so many reds and they all start to blend together. 

Clean Slate
This is probably my 2nd favorite of the bunch. It’s a metal gunmetal color. super shimmery – I suggest three coats also!

Suzi Takes a Sound Bath 
Super pretty blue it reminds me of OPI Grabs The Unicorn By The Horn but with shimmer!


The Reds I only did the first few I found… needless to say sooo Many




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