2021 Fall: Downtown Los Angeles

Fall 2021: Released July 2021 

Information from OPI.com:
Celebrate and explore the beauty and vitality of Downtown Los Angeles with OPI’s Fall 2021 Collection.

Downtown LA is an expansive playground for inspiration. With historic architecture, sprawling street art, and open sky, it changes from day to night inspiring artists with its spectrum of rich, vibrant hues. Color us inspired.

Introducing the Downtown LA collection – dark autumnal tones like forest green and midnight blues and purples, and nostalgic pastels and metallics that transcend seasons are inspired by paint-covered palettes, art in all its forms, and the artists who bring these vivid colors and creations to life. Let’s dig in.

My overall opinion: I wasn’t thrilled with this collection. I’m only keeping maybe 4 of the colors the rest I am selling off. So many cremes so many of the same colors we’ve seen in the past. 
















































My Studio’s on Spring
Dark Teal color – reminds me of some of the older teals. It leans more green. It’s a creme, the application was great in two coats. 











Metallic Composition
This is my favorite color of the collection. It’s a rose copper color; super sparkly, easy application. All around the best. 








































Graffiti Sweetie
This is a dirty lilac is what id call it. Almost like a gray lilac? Anyways it’s a creme, application was pretty easy but I would suggest three coats













Violet Visionary
This purple I feel like we’ve had more than once. Its a vibrant purple creme, application was smooth in two coats


























Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes
This is one of the same Reds we always see- another organge-y red… we have a million of them. The application was easy too and two coats. 














Angels Flight to Starry Nights
This is a light blue with silver shimmer/glitter; its amazingly shimmery and pretty. Application was easy again in two coats

























7th & Flower
This burgundy color again reminds me of other colors we’ve already had. It’s a creme again application was fine also. My first picture made it look darker than it is. 
































(P)ink of Canvas
This color reminds me of a dirty pink – if that makes sense. It applied pretty well. I used one regular coat then one thicker coat; I’d suggest probably 3 coats – also a creme again. 












OPI (Heart Icon) DTLA
This is a color that reminds me of another one… same family just a little darker.. It is another creme again application was easy and in two coats only.  
























































































































































Espresso Your Inner Self
This is a smooth chocolatey brown color, it is also a creme and reminds me of the other browns we’ve had in the past. It applied perfectly and only in two coats












Isn’t It Grand Avenue
This is a dark navy creme color almost midnight blue. Applied shockingly easy without much streakiness to start. I used two coats and had great coverage. 











Abstract After Dark
It is a beautiful color its a deep shimmery purple (almost black) it applied easily. as you’ll be able to see below there is a dupe for it though already so if you missed the first one grab this one. 


































































































































































































There are so many of the orangey reds I didn’t put them all on here… Just know there are alot.



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