2021 Fall: Velvet Vision Magnet Effect

Velvet Vision Magnet  Effect

Released: September 2021

I have to be honest – not a fan. I actually got rid of all of these after swatching them. These are like five years too late… Magnetic was a huge trend but not so much anymore. They are very shimmery if you want to not use the magnet so if you want shimmer and shiny these are great but I don’t think they are great for magnetic IMO. I did play with the magnet a lot to get a design and these are the best I could get. Obviously, these are their own unique colors. I did include the instructions from OPI – it looks like they want you to do the magnetic on all four corners – which didn’t do much for me. If you want the over all shimmer just two coats and it’ll be shimmery. I tried the cat eye and using a circle magnet.

Maybe others will love these I did not.







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