2020 Holiday: Shine Bright

Available: October 1st 2020

2020 Holiday Colors lots of glitter and shimmer! Plus 3 Limited Edition Glitters

All of these applied very nicely, all are two coats some for sure could use a third.

Naught Or Ice?

Shimmery white glitter reminds me of Kitty White

Snowfalling for you

Shimmery baby pink, this one does leave brush marks

The Shade is Ornamental!

Bright pink shimmer this also leaves brush marks

Dressed to the Wines

Deep burgundy wine color with some shimmer

The Gold sleighs me

Gold shimmer does leave brush marks

Gingerbread man can

Tan/brown with gray or it could be the silver shimmer – super pretty in person

Merry in cranberry

Bright Cranberry red color with shimmer

Red-y for the holidays

Iconic Christmas Red

Lets take an elfie

This reminds me of chemis-tree from last year its a purple with blue and purple shimmer- very pretty though

Tinsel tinsel lil star

Silve white shimmer/glitter polish

To all a good night

Black/gray/blue glitter polish reminded me of coalmates

Heart and coal

Love this one its a black with holidays glitter

3 Special Glitters:

Puttin’ on the Glitz
This is an odd color – I’m not a fan its like they took a gray-black, thinned it with more clear gel then threw all these glitter flakes into it. It does look kinda cool but it’s not a color for me its hard to get the glitter to lay flat too.

All A’Twitter in Glitter
I really like this color it’ll be a great winter topper – packed full of glitter and all holo-y

Bling it On!
Another one I don’t really like – It’s like they took a neopearl color and just threw glitter in it.  This one is easier to work with but the glitter can still stick up.

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7 thoughts on “2020 Holiday: Shine Bright

  1. You always do a great job. I rely upon your swatches before I buy. I especially like when you show comparisons between the new colors and existing colors. I also really appreciate hearing your options about the formulae and colors, please give more!


    1. Ahh thank you! Its become alittle harder now with a little one to keep up on it! Are there colors you’d like me to compare im happy to! These luckily were pretty unique colors except the reds/pinks.


      1. That was supposed to read that I appreciate hearing your OPINIONS… : )

        I like the sections in which you compare and show the colors to other shades/hues in that family, like comparing Red-y for the Holidays with other OPI reds.And you have such an outstanding collection. It helps me figure out if I really need yet another red in my collection! I rely upon your insights to make my buying decisions. What I’m trying to say is to say more about your thoughts and opinions, I enjoy hearing what you have to say.


      2. Thats super sweet! I will try to do more of that. These two collections were kind of rushed for me i wasn’t even sure anyone was still using the blog! Lol

        I can say red-y is just like all the other bright holiday reds application is great so if you have an old red that your gettibg ready to swap out this would be a great replacement


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