Fiji: Spring/Summer 2017

Fiji Spring 2017

Wooooooow! These are some BRIGHT colors!! Perfect for spring and summer. So during my swatching I only noticed a few issues with one color (I’ll talk about it below). The colors are similar to some others that we have already I did do swatch stick comparisions below. All of these are two coats on fake nails (on a fake hand). I hope you guys enjoy the swatches let me know if you have questions or want to see other color comparisons (I can add them here!!).

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Two-timing the Zones

Super pretty pink creme color! Application was great and easy. There is no shimmer in this color.

Living On the Bula-vard!

Wowzers! This one is bright!! Again a creme no shimmer… application was great buuuuut we have alot of these colors… (I wish it was like a holo in this color… a girl can dream…)

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

Love this barbie pink! It’s a creme also again… There are so many pinks depending if you LOVE pinks this may not be a need to have…

Polly Want a Lacquer?

Such a pretty purple creme. So when i compared this color to the purples that are out my OPI it was not a dupe for any!! So that’s a plus! This color actually reminds me of easter! Such a pretty pastely purple.

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Okay… So this one took 3 coats… It’s really pretty and sparkly! It reminds me of an electric blue! BAM!

Is That a Spear In Your Pocket?

EEEE! I love this teal creme!! It’s like a legit teal… not too green like Amazon…Amazoff or too blue like CIA = Color Is Awesome. I love it.

I Can Never Hut Up

Ugh… Huff… I was SOOOOO excited for a gray! YAY a gray!!!!! ……. And then …. They put GREEN shimmer in this beautiful gray… WHY! Ugh im just so disappointed in this… Granted it is a pretty color but it’s just not what I (or I think anyone else) was really expecting.. Ah well… Application was great none the less.

Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-istic

Bright blue creme! Like whoa bright!! I don’t know if I would wear this on all my nails but for sure as an accent or background for nail art! Application was great also.


Suzi Without a Paddle

This is another creme (seeing a tread here?)… It’s  pastel baby blue color. Application was great though not streaky (always a plus).

Coconuts Over OPI

Brown/Tan/Taupe Creme… Not much to say on this one… I wish it would have had a brown shimmer… oh well…

No Tan Lines 

Holy man! Get your sunglasses! This is one BRIGHT orange!!  Application wasn’t too bad it went on easy I could see this one get streaky easy though or uneven coverage.

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

Another uber bright color… sadly for me… This one wrinkled when I cured it (on the swatch stick), it cured fine on these nails… and also it’s really similar to the other yellow colors…

Swatch Sticks

Color Comparisons

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