Manicure Monday: Suzy Without A Paddle, I Can Never  Hut Up & All Sparkly And Gold  


I have a few of the Fiji Collection Colors today – I Can Never Hut Up and Suzy Without A Paddle. So Hut up is a grey (yay!), but it has a green shimmer – It’s really funny because you cant always even notice the green! I think it works great as a gray! Without a Paddle is a baby blue (I know there are alot of them now… check out the collection page for comparisons), application was easy though. I would still use 3 coats for both of these.  I used Alpine Snow (Beautifuls) for the index then used a fan brush to get the swirl of color on it. The middle finger is All Sparkly and Gold (Mariah Carey), I sponged it on to get this thick coverage.

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