Breakfast At Tiffany’s Collection – Holiday 2016

Holiday 2016

This is the highly antcipated Breakfast At Tiffany’s Collection… There are some BEAUTIFUL colors, buuuut there are alot of dupes or REALLLY similar colors to previous colors… I do want to start with how these apply… these are the BEST colors as far as application goes in a well probably forever. They are all two coaters, no shrinking nothing… I’m really impressed with the formulas.

So this post is REALLY picture heavy… First its going through all the color swatches, then the rest of the photos are comparisons with previously released colors.

Questions? Comments? Please post I’ll do my best to find an answer.

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I Believe In Manicures

This color is a real beauty… It applied sooo nice and only needed two coats, but as youll see below it’s almost identical to two other colors. (it’s a creme no shimmer)

Girls Love Pearls

This color is like a darker Kyoto Pearl but this one shows every brush stroke! 😦 it’s like a white gray. It’s pretty I wish it didn’t show every stroke.

I’ll Have A Manhattan

This is such a pretty Deep Dark Almost Black Purple creme, I love it! Can’t wait to wear it.

Can’t Tame A Wild Thing

This is like a squishy jelly crelly looking red it’s really pretty and vibrant. It’s also a creme and no shimmer.

Ring The Buzzer Again

Another jelly Crelly like red creme… but this is nearer to Ox blood color but not as dark.

Party At Holly’s

So this is similar to ALOT of other colors but its a creme no shimmer dark dark dark burgandy

Champagne For Breakfast

Love this glitter it’s thicker than the previous version so this is two coats. It does look pretty darn close to the other color you can see below.

Black Dress Not Optional

This is a really nice black with shimmer!!! Its similar to My Gondola or Yours? But this oen the shimmer you can see easier, it reminds me of almost a gunmetal black color.

Apartment For Two

Wowzers! This is a in your face pink! Its way brighter in person!! Its awesome. I was worried it would the same as Mad For Madness Sake but its not its actually lighter!


OMG OMG this color is amazeballs!! It’s clear base with gold and silver glitter. It’s so amazing… I’m just in love with this…

Rich & Brazilian

This is a beautiful color!!! I did some comparisons with Oktoberfest it could be used to replace it. It’s a purple base with purple shimmer flecks. It’s really stunning.

Meet “My” Decorator

This is a orange-red jelly Crelly squishy creme color, no shimmer.

Got The Mean Reds

Here is another Crelly! jelly squishy deep red – it’s another creme. This color reminds me of the perfect red lipstick.

Fire Escape Rendezvous

Okay… Here is a unique color Its a metallic red with red flecks of glitter and metallic pieces. It goes on REALLY thick… but levels itself out. It’s a really awesome color. I think it’ll grow on anyone who uses it. Perfect Christmas Red!


Breakfast At Tiffany’s

This is another favorite of mine!! I think it would be perfect for bridal nails. It’s a creme base with gold shimmer. I thought it was the same as Chiffon My Mind But it’s so not! (see photos below)

Sunrise… Bedtime!

Here is a pink hologrpahic glitter! It is alittle hard to get goot coverages but I think using a sponge might have been helpful… anyways it’s a beauitful color I can’t wait to use it.

Can’t Read Without My Lipstick

This is another red creme this is really close to Ox Blood color and has lots of similar colors…. See below for more images.

Okay here starts the photo comparisons:

31 thoughts on “Breakfast At Tiffany’s Collection – Holiday 2016

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for what you do, I bought all my GelColor polishes being guided on your blog! I collect OPI reds, so this collection is amazing for me and I really waited for your review. Would you tell a little more? You wrote there are all two coaters. You really didn’t notice a free edge of your nails in two coats? I have Got The Blues For Red and it takes me four coats for opaque result. Also you wrote about jelly formulas, I thought jelly is something translucent not opaque. Could you please clarify this point?


    1. Hi – Im not sure how thin you are applying your colors but perhaps trying to apply slightly thicker – i had no issues with that one doing only two coats. The photo you see was taken right after i cured it. These are done on a fake hand a nail tips but i didnt see any issues with it.

      As for the jelly comment I will be correcting it to say crelly – a creme jelly. It means it looks squishy like you could go up to it and touch it and it would squish. Thanks for pointing that out!


  2. I love your posts! There are so many colors I want, especially from the breakfast at Tiffanys collection! Is it possible to buy through your site? I clicked the link but it didn’t take me anywhere to purchase anything. Also, where do you get such a great supply?!

    Thanks 🙂


    1. Hi thanks!! No there is no way to purchase directly through me but the link of the pages should have taken you to the page of purchasing links. It did not?

      My collection is from about 3 years of purchasing! I purchase all my gelcolors through


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