Washington, D.C. Collection Fall 2016


Well we finally have the Washington, D.C. Collection for fall posted…. I’ve been not feeling the best so I apologize how long this long this took to get posted. Anyways on to the collection…

Okay… So these colors are for sure fall… all the way…These colors are pretty muted and darker. When I saw the Regular polish versions they look more vibrant color wise the gels are darker. but they are still pretty and only a few are similar to others that we already have… So these colors are also VERY streaky to start… they need 3 coats (some can do 2 but they look better with 3).  All of these colors are cremes except Pale To The Chief – Which reminds me of Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! – It’s also super hard to photograph.

There are 3 Limited Edition Colors: “Liv” In The Gray, Kerry Blossom and Inside the ISABELLEtway – apparently these were VERY limited production and are very hard to find.

Well… Let’s get on to the colors!!!

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(Btw sorry for the messy hand! I was trying to get these out to you ASAP…. I didn’t get a chance to clean it!)

OPI By Popular Vote

So this  color is a pretty color but OPI just has so many of them… It’s a creme also. this color is similar to We The Female, Miami Beet, Just Beclaus, Casino Royale. So it’s pretty but I think if you have these other ones you dont need this one. (See below for imagines of swatches compared)

Yank My Doodle

Hehe so this name is super cute! This is an odd color it’s very similar to a Terra-cotta red. It has a squishy look to it also. Creme no shimmer.

Pale To The Chief

Ugh this one I could not get a good photo of! It’s a nude creme shimmer – It reminds me of Cosmo- Not Tonight Honey! but this has much better coverage than Cosmo. This would be great for a palette cleanser or for someone who likes/needs neutral polishes.

Never A Dulles Moment

So OPI calls this a Curry Yellow… I don’t buy that… It is similar to My Twin Mimmy… It’s not a sunny yellow but its not a dark yellow either.

See Below for images of comparisons.

We The Female

What more can I say more burgandys which are great for fall… It’s a creme also. this color is similar to We The Female, Miami Beet, Just Beclaus, Casino Royale.

See below for comparison

Squeaker Of The House

Okay the name is adorable… The color is a milky chocolately creme brown. It’s really a cute color. I’m not sure I would wear it as a full base color but maybe as an accent color.

Freedom Of Peach

This is another kind of weird color… it’s like a tan peachy color….  I really didn’t notice that were any other colors that would be exactly like this color.

Suzi – The First Lady Of Nails

This is a dark green creme color. I think it might be similar to Here Today Argon Tomorrow… But it’s not a dupe or similar enough that if you have both (and really like dark green colors) itll be okay.

Shh… It’s Top Secret!

This is a super pretty deep dark brown color, it looks beautiful matte more brown Matte – More black when shiny.

Stay Off The Lawn!!

This is a green teal color… again no dupes that I could tell… It’s a pretty color I think it would look awesome with a bright pink color!

Madam President

This is a bright pink red color… and shockingly enough there aren’t any that are the same color as this one! So you can get this and know that you wont have duplicates

CIA = Color Is Awesome

This is a blue teal! I really like this color. There is NOTHING else like this in the Gelcolor Range YAY!!!!

Inside The ISABELLEtway Discontinued

(Limited Edition)

This is a brown creme color… I’m not sure how to explain this color it’s just a brown…. like a brown dog brown.

“Liv” In the Gray Discontinued

(Limited Edition)

This is a dark gray blue color, this is very similar to Nein! Nein! Nein! Okay Fine! I still am holding out for a few beautiful grays… someday OPI maybe someday OPI…

Kerry Blossom Discontinued

(Limited Edition)

This is a pretty plum color, its similar to Get Cherried Away… I think I’ll be wearing it this fall… Maybe with some gold accent??

Color Comparisons

Swatch Sticks

More swatch sticks…. Photos taken inside a light box with no flash

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