Manicure Monday: Pale To The Chief, My Pal Joey & Gaining Mole-Mentum

Hey guys!

So I tried a different mix of colors… I like it… kind of… Anyways I used Pale To The Chief (Washington D.C.), this is a color that reminds of me My Vampire is Buff. It’s a buff nude creme color. I used 3 coats to give it a great coverage. The next color I used was My Black Joey, this is a super bright blue! I love this it’s so bright and happy! I used 3 coats just to get a richer color not because it actually needed it.  Okay so for the topper I used an older glitter topper – Gaining Mole-Mentum (Muppets Most Wanted). This topper is so unique it is basically little shards of gold, silver and rose gold foil in a clear base.  As you can see it looks like they are just floating on top of the color. I should use this topper more but it tends to be forgotten…

Hope you enjoyed this! See you later

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