Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection

OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass

Release date: 3/25/16


These are some pretty colors! Application was great only 2 coats needed!!! These are supposed to go with the new Disney Movie Alice Through the looking glass, it’s a sequel to the first Alice in Wonderland they did a few years ago.

Over all these are some great colors. However, I have to admit I’m so over red colors! Ah well…. Enjoy!!

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The Colors:
The I’s Have It    

This is 2 coats no application issues. Think of this like a darker brighter muted pastel blue – does that even make sense?!? Anyways it’s a pretty color and would be really pretty as a full manicure or as an accent nail/art.


Oh My Majesty!     

Wow this color… It’s a great grey white color with a pink iridescent color! These are two coats only. It applies wonderfully and non streaky too! I can’t wait to use this!! It would be great for a French Manciure tip especially if someone wants a subtle white with a hint of pink.


What’s the Hatter with You?  

What can I say it’s another pretty burgandy color… This however is almost the same as Casino Royal (Skyfall Collection). So if you missed Skyfall get this one, but if you have it… Don’t bother with this one.   


I’m Gown for Anything!   

Squeal!  This one is so pretty! It could be added the new Pastels collection. A very pretty lilac purple. Two coats application again was great!


Fearlessly Alice     

Very pretty bright sky blue color creme. 2 coats no application problems!


A Mirror Escape   

This is a unique color it’s a gold glitter but has white glitter bits. This is two coats, application was easy as pie too! It’s such a unique color I hope people give it a chance…. Unlike Pineapples Have Peelings (Hawaii Collection).


Having a Big Head Day 

So another OPI Red…. There are so many that look identical to this… Honestly I wouldn’t bother purchasin. The only thing neat is the fact it’s a squishy type gel color which is awesome… Otherwise if you have other reds just skip this one.  


Mad for Madness Sake  

Ooo this like a sassy hot pink! It’s a creme no shimmer or sparkly but it doesn’t need any it’s a pretty sassy color on its own!

Swatch sticks:

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