Manicure Monday:Let Me Bayou A Drink, I Cannoli Wear OPI, “Liv” In The Gray & Ornament To Be Together

Hi Guys,

Ugh still winter around these parts… pretty gray and cold! So this is a perfect manicure for the weather… Let Me Bayou A Drink (New Orleans) is a great shimmery light pink color – reminds me of Pedal Faster Suzi but I like this one better; this was also 3 coats. I Cannoli Wear OPI (Venice), I used 3 coats of this light gray polish. I love this color… I wish OPI had more grays… maybe someday… The dark gray is “Liv” In The Gray (Washington D.C.) I used 2 coats; I love this gray! It’s such a dark gray though I wish there was an actual gray color… and lastly Ornament To Be Together (Love OPI XOXO), this is a great foil silver, I used 3 coats to get that lush coverage

Hope you guys liked it!!!

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