The Romantics Collection

Some of the first colors that came out around 2011

Sadly I do not have exact dates these came out. Here are the colors in The Romantics collection:

Princesses Rule!

3 coats, this is buildable, so don’t worry when it starts our really sheer! It’s a light pink with silver shimmers. Application is easy again no issues for me.  

Kyoto Pearl

Beautiful pearl white, 3 coats. This is another buildable one. It also shows a lot of brush strokes so be prepared and it takes a lot of work to get them to not be so obvious. I tend to not do a full nail in this but use it for tips. It has no application issues.  

Pink Flamenco

This is 3 coats, could have done 2 easily. Beautiful application of this rich pink. It’s a deep Cream pink.  

A Grape Fit Discontinued

3 coats, creme True purple! No application issues.  

OPI Ink.

Definitely needs at least 3 coats with this one. It can be a shrinker too. It’s a beautiful black base gel with purple shimmer glitter! So love this but you need multiple coats to get this beautiful color!  
Bubble Bath

This is a great creme pink for French manicures. This is 3 coats. It’s buildable to a more opaque pink it does start very sheer.

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