Pre-Easter Post: Kyoto Pearl, Show Us Your Tips! & Look At My Bow!

Hi Guys,

Here’s a Pre-Easter Manicure! They were the perfect colors!! We used on the ring finger as a bse Kyoto Pearl (Romantics) which is a shimmery white – we need at least 3 coats – probably could have done 4. Then on that nail I used nail vinyls from Whatsup Nails for the zig zag design using Show Us Your Tips! (New Orleans) and Look At My Bow! (Hello Kitty); for both of these I used 3 coats. Tips is a purple base with silver glitter in the polish it does slightly remind me of You’re Such A Budapest but this has much more glitter. Look at my Bow! is like a Barbie pink, it’s a creme with no shimmer could probably get away with 2 coats but I prefer 3 coats.

Hope this gets everyone into the spring spirit!!

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