Neons (Summer 2019)


OOoooo Man these colors are HOT!!! These colors are making me ready for summer! I cannot wait! I actually HAD to put the pink on my toes right away! Well, let’s get going to the colors!!

Release: 6/1/19

PUMP Up The Volume
This neon yellow is like a highlighter yellow it’s so bright in person! I only used two coats on this one but I think on most people you might need three coats to get really good coverage. No Undies BTW!

Orange You A Rock Star?
Well, this is one of my favorites… I know it’s supposed to be a neon orange but to me, it looks more neon coral – which is amazing! This does need three coats to get even coverage. No Undies BTW!

V-I-Pink Passes
Second favorite right here! This is a freaking neon pink!! I couldn’t get it to capture how bright this really is. This swatch is two coats but depending on how the application would go you might want three coats. No Undies BTW!

Positive Vibes Only
This is such a bright vibrant purple! I wouldn’t call this one neon but its bright that’s for sure! Two coats again, but could easily do three for a richer color. No Undies BTW!

Dance Part Teal Dawn
So this one was meh to me. It’s not neon just a brighter teal, the application was a little difficult was a little streaky. I would have to suggest three coats. No Undies BTW!

Music Is My Muse
Again not really a true neon but definitely bright. Application on this was actually fine but I would still suggest three coats instead of two.


Color Comparisons:

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