Manicure Monday: I Am What I Amethyst, Hotter Than You Pink & Lights Of Emerald City

Hi guys!!

Woo wear are my sunglasses!! I have some neons here today!! I really wish OPI would come out with some new neons… ah well I have Hotter Than You Pink (Brights) it’s a hot pink color which just rocks!! I does need white undies and at about 2 weeks it does fade sadly. The ring finger we used I Am What I Amethyst (Opaque Pastels), which is a beauitful Lilac color this is a pastel and does need 3 coats to get a good coverage. Finally we used Lights Of Emerald City (Oz) to add some sparkle – this is clear base with iridescent and white square glitter. I did have to do some fishing to get these out but it looks great once you get them!

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