Always Bare For You (Soft Shades/Bridal 2019)

Always Bare For You
Release Date: 3/1/19

Here is the soft shades/Bridal collection! These are insanely sheer!! There are only two coats on the nails which is usually my standard for swatching and they are sheeeeeeerrrrr! So be ready, it does look like it could be buildable but I’m not sure totally. There are only two with shimmer, the rest do not have shimmer and might work really well for people who must have neutral/nude color nails.

Baby, Take A Vow
Okay, so this I think would be great for the pink in a french manicure its literally a barely pink – pink, no shimmer easy to apply to get an even coverage. 

Throw Me A Kiss

I kinda like this one it has a milk-white base with pink shimmer in it. I don’t think you could build this to be a solid coverage but putting it over a white might look amazing too!

Chiffon-D Of You

Ugh… I don’t know about you guys but I’m so over these champagne/white shimmer colors (we’ve got like 4 of them lets move on please). This one is more champagne than white, brush strokes are easily seen but it applied fine. Just meh about this one. 

Bare My Soul

I think this one is the closest to a nude nail I’ve ever seen, it went on pretty easy and even. I like this one 🙂  

Engage-Meant To Be 
I had really high hopes for this one but it’s really not a grey it’s like a lilac grey (please I’m begging you for grays!!). This one was hard to get an even application

Ring Bare-er

This one also had high hopes…. and was kinda let down it was hard to get an even application since it’s so sheer every mistake shows up. As you can see below it looks like a sheer Alpaca which is exactly what I thought of when I was swatching it. 


There really aren’t many polishes which are this sheer so I just went with ones that were similar in color.



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